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Community Services personnel attending to a person on a stretcher


Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Community Service consists of three divisions: Senior Services, Search and Rescue, and Special Event Services. All three of the divisions require 16 hours per month of volunteer hours with no opportunity of Health Insurance like Reserves and Emergency Services.


Sheriff Floyd Bonner talking with a senior resident


Search and Rescue personnel attending to a person laying on a stretcher


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Senior Services visits elderly individuals throughout Shelby County. These individuals usually live alone and are in the inner-city areas of Shelby County. Senior Services volunteer is responsible to check on the individual weekly via telephone and/or in person visits. Volunteer will also conduct security checks of the residence, assist with senior programs as needed, well-being checks, and heat/air checks during the months.

Search and Rescue is a group that responds to missing, lost, and LE assistance calls. Volunteers are expected to maintain good health and readiness for callouts. Volunteers are expected to train every month for 8 hours on designated training days. Volunteers will have the opportunity work SAR canine teams and SAR Team Leaders.

Special Event Services is a group of volunteers to assist with Special Events. Primary function will be directing traffic for the events. Special Event Services volunteers could be tasked with other duties for Special Events.

Shelby County Sheriff's Office gold star badge

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office will provide all uniforms necessary plus a yearly Uniform Allotment to all volunteers. All volunteers are required to attend 16 hours of training as part of the hiring process. The training is specific to your area you choose to volunteer in. Applications for Community Service Divisions are accepted during the entire year.

To apply, click the links to print a Emergency Services application and the Background Information Form.
(Please include your Name, Address, and Phone Number in the email)

To order an application by phone call: (901) 222-5875

Shelby County Sheriff's Office employees
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