aerial view of downtown memphis and the river


Shelby County is a place unlike any other, with a character and feel that is legendary. Shelby County’s iconic location on the Mississippi River and its role as the largest county in the Mid-South have historically made the county a magnet for attracting people from around the country. The diversity that exists in Greater Memphis Area creates a confluence of cultures, inextricably woven into the fabric of Shelby County's history and its vibe today.

Memphis at a Glance Infographic showing a map of the United States with zoomed in map of Tennessee showing Memphis in the bottom left corner of Tennessee. Large text reads "Memphis Metropolitan area consists of 1.3 million residents. 5 Million people live in the mid-south.
Infographic that includes Cost of living, demographics, and climate charts. Memphis' cost of living is at 80.4 which is lower than Indianapolis, Charlotte and Nashville. Memphis is 47.6% African American, 42.7% Caucasian, 5.8% hispanic. Winter average temperature is 46.7 degrees, Year-round average temperature is 63.2 degrees. Summer average temperature is 81.0 degrees. Memphis' cost of living is 20% lower than the National Average. Memphis is the 3rd largest market for millenial home buyers.